How does trauma play a part?

Neuroscience confirms that all types of abuse creates trauma that affects a person's brain function that can have long lasting impacts on their emotional & behavioural patterns; creating dysfunction in their lives and relationships.

It is necessary to heal from trauma just as it is necessary to heal from cancer or heart disease. Without healing, the brain will act in a maladjusted way to life's circumstances & creating patterns of reactivity and defensiveness. This cycle will continue to wreak havoc on all relationships with children, friends, family & current or future partners.

Abuse related trauma is recognised as an under-lying issue or trigger in the following:

  • 90% of all people with drug addictions

  • Over 80% of people with bipolar disease

  • Over 70% of all depression & other mental illnesses 

  • 82-86% of bi-polar sufferers reported child abuse

  • Up to 85% of those with eating disorders reported sexual abuse

  • 85% of patients in Graylands Psychiatric Hospital reported child abuse


Safe Woman Safe Family is proud to endorse the Heal for Life  foundation which has been successfully helping thousands of trauma sufferers over the past 20 years with an astounding 98% of people reporting significant, positive life changes from this unique program. The 'Heal For life' model ensures a safe environment surrounded & guided by therapeutic trauma-trained professionals teamed holistically with peer support mentors who have all lived through trauma.

Women who take part in the Safe Woman Safe Family program will gain benefits from accessing Heal for life knowledge and experience that has shown it's success. They will have the opportunity to learn and understand how trauma has affected them become more in-charge of their lives and find a new level of wellness.