Our Program

Safe Woman Safe Family will provide a holistic centre which will be a safe space for women whose lives have been affected by family and domestic violence or other traumas, to gain long-term supports, therapies & the unique Safe Woman Safe Family 10 Module Program.

Our model incorporates the highly successful Heal For Life program. Healing from trauma is essential to overcoming the negative patterns impacting women’s lives, emotions, behaviours, choices & enmeshed in the varied complex factors that keep women caught in the cycle of violence.

The Safe Woman Safe Family & Women’s Centre will be run by professionals trained in trauma informed practice along with trained volunteers and peer mentors who have all lived through, and overcome trauma.

Our services include:

  • Support, information and advocacy for all issues (i.e., Centrelink, housing and counselling)

  • Linkage, referrals, networks to other services

  • Life skills and personal development workshops

  • Self-defence classes

  • Emotional well-being workshops (i.e., yoga, meditation and mindfulness)

  • Varied therapies (i.e., art, music, dance & much more)

  • Parenting support and home keeping advice (i.e., healthy lifestyle changes, budgeting and day-to-day organising)

  • Support and advice for education, training and employment